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Pharmacy Solutions Administrator. Intensely Focused on You.

We offer more than just comprehensive pharmacy benefit management services. We are working towards providing a broad array of solutions in addition to our core PBM offering that results in lowering the cost of prescription services and increasing the well-being of patients.

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The New Way to Reduce Rx Costs

Direct Scripts is a Pharmacy Solutions Administrator (PSA) built for a new era in pharmacy benefits management for self-insured employers. Our fully transparent, customer-centric business model enables us to deliver the best solutions, for the best price, resulting in the best patient outcomes.

We not only offer comprehensive Pharmacy Benefit services, but we are also working on providing industry leading analytics, reporting, medication therapy management and more to support self-insured companies and individuals to reduce costs, improve their experience and achieve better outcomes.

Innovative Pharmacy Benefits Solutions

Patients get maintenance medications delivered right to their door at the lowest cost available. We provide text and email reminders so that patients are never without their medication.

All patients, including those working part-time, can benefit from the pharmacy discount card, which creates drug savings based on a larger pool of patients.

Our team includes trained medical professionals that are on-call to help patients with chronic conditions and answer questions about medications and therapies.
We work with pharmaceutical manufacturers that offer rebate programs or discounts, and we pass the savings on to you.
Our WellAssist Program identifies and enrolls patients that may be eligible for Manufacturer sponsored payment programs to help reduce cost to the patient and the plan by taking advantage of available funds

Your prescription price is the actual cost of the ingredient, plus a low, flat-fee for dispensing. It’s that simple.

Transparency Is Healthier for Everyone

Our bold, transparent mail order pharmacy pricing solution is built on the actual cost of the medication instead of the ever-changing AWP (Average Wholesale Price) favored by traditional PBMs. What transparency looks like

  • An open and honest pricing model that uses actual ingredient cost plus a flat dispensing fee
  • Formularies designed to provide the best value and outcomes for patients and customers
  • Clinical programs focused on managing high-cost disease states and drug therapy management that support best patient outcomes at an affordable price
  • Transparent rebates program that passes through 100% of the dollars to the plan

We Put People First, Profits Second

Our entire business model is based on optimizing prescription services for the benefit of patients. We offer programs designed to optimize the well-being of all employees; we provide a Pharmacy Discount Card that makes it easier for part-time employees to share in prescription cost savings; and we are hands-on when it comes to helping employees manage chronic diseases.

Find out how our innovative pharmacy benefits solutions will save you 15-30% over your current plan. Call Direct Scripts at (888) 801-6209.

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