Delivering Optimal Patient Outcomes at a Low Cost

Direct Scripts was formed in 2014 to challenge the unchecked power of traditional PBMs that make huge profits at the expense of self-insured businesses and their employees. We know the health of real people is at stake, and we’re committed to changing the script. We offer companies a cost-effective alternative to standard market systems of providing prescription drugs to their employees, resulting in savings that can range between 15-30% per year.

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What We Do Differently

  • Charge our customers based on the actual cost of medications versus an ever-changing AWP (Average Wholesale Prices) favored by PBMs
  • Provide self-insured businesses with visibility and access to their own data
  • Provide award-winning specialty care services that put patients—not profitability—first
  • Offer a discount prescription card that ensures even part-time employees and HDP employees can benefit from prescription cost savings
  • Promote better tools and methods to encourage drug compliance and adherence, ensuring the best outcomes for patients
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Our Leadership

Behind every idea that challenges the status quo, there must be passionate, forward-thinking leaders to see it through. Direct Scripts is led by bold visionaries who recognize that there is a systemic problem with the pharmacy benefits market and are willing to do what it takes to offer a viable alternative that can help organizations save money and achieve better patient outcomes.

Larry Jutte
Larry JutteFounder
David Presper
David PresperPresident


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Case Study: Reduced Drug Spend with Clinical Programs

We don’t just talk about reducing drug spend, we deliver results. Download a Case Study to see how we saved a large company $7M within their first year of working with us.

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Fact Sheet: Direct Scripts Clinical Programs

From diabetes to pain management, our industry-leading clinical programs help deliver cost-savings and improved patient outcomes. Download a Fact Sheet to learn more.

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