We’re Positively Disrupting the PBM Market

As a full-service PSA, we’re changing the way the pharmacy benefits market operates by delivering optimal patient outcomes at a low cost.

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The Directs Scripts Difference

63% of employers say PBMs are not transparent about how they make money.* We’re here to change that.

— * National Pharmaceutical Council Study, 2017.

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We’re a Full-Service PBM—Emphasis on Service

We offer all the core services of a traditional Pharmacy Benefits Manager, but our pricing model, mail-order pharmacy, and best-in-class operational capabilities enable us to substantially lower costs while making care a priority. And we do it all while staying focused on the people we serve.

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  • National network of over 67,000 retail pharmacies
  • High-capacity mail order operation
  • In-house Specialty pharmacy
  • Capability to service customers in all 50 states
  • 24/7 Customer service call center
  • One point of contact to answer all your questions
  • Access and manage your information through a single member portal



Case Study: Reduced Drug Spend with Clinical Programs

We don’t just talk about reducing drug spend, we deliver results. Download a Case Study to see how we saved a large company $7M within their first year of working with us.

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White Paper: Managing the Opioids Crisis with an Opioids Programs

Learn how a well-managed opioids program can significantly reduce patient risk and decrease cost.

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Our program is compliant with the Drug Quality and Security Act (HR 3204) and meets all federal, Drug Enforcement Administration and state regulations.