Your Prescription to Reduce Rx Costs

Unlike many PBMs that use secrecy and cost-confusion to generate greater profits for themselves, we believe that the well-being of people is more important than the bottom line, and we’ve found a healthy balance. By applying the 4 Cs of Care, Cost-savings, Convenience and Compliance, we deliver transparency, efficiency, cost-savings and optimal patient outcomes.

Our Approach to Reduced Rx Costs and Better Patient Well-Being

The Direct Scripts customer-centric model allows us to achieve a healthy balance between improving employees’ well-being and reducing cost:


We provide tools and programs to help employees receive the best possible support and improve overall health outcomes.


We deliver peace of mind through convenient mail order deliveries, an easy-to-navigate patient portal, and a Pharmacy Discount Card that ensures even part-time employees benefit from cost saving.


We recognize the importance of patients consistently receiving their drugs for better clinical outcomes.


We use a pricing model based on the actual cost of drugs and control specialty drug costs through our leading-edge clinical programs.